Sunday, April 29, 2007

Getting Back to Normal

Whatever that is!

Noey and I are trying to get back to our usual routine; Joe is still glued to the couch, although he is able to get up and move around a bit. He's been off work for the past 2 weeks and will be off at least 1 more. That's by far the longest he's ever been off work. (and I have to tell you he's driving me a little bit crazy!)

I have been working on my Top Down Bolero, but now I'm not sure if I like it or not. I'm having such trouble with that darn Araucania Patagonia. It started out life as the Jawbreaker Cardigan, but I didn't like that either! So while I decide what to do with it next, I started Gomasio with Berocco Nostalgia. (picture coming soon) I'm working on both sleeves right now, and it's pretty slow going. I like the yarn, very soft and knits up nicely. I don't like to have too many things on the needles at once, but I'm thinking about starting something else too!

Noey and I went to Open House at her school Tuesday night. They had the "In N Out" truck there for dinner, which we both enjoyed. Then Noey proudly showed me everything she's been working on this year. The school has quite an extensive art program. This is Noey's version of Monet's Waterlilies.

Friday was Pizza Night with our friends. Almost every Friday we get together with 3 other moms and 7 other kids for pizza and fun! It's loud and crazy (especially if you're used to only 1 kid) but it's a good time for all of us. The kids play, play, play, and the moms relax and have adult conversation. I had missed the last 2 Pizza Nights, although Noey got to go to them! Saturday we had gymnastics in the morning and then a birthday party in the afternoon. Today we slept in (until 7:00am!) then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's to play. Chrissy came too and got to run around the back yard. Then we came home and did chores!

Sounds pretty normal, doesn't it?!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just popping in to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words and well wishes. They are all greatly appreciated.

We are taking it day by day. It's a long, slow process and I am not very patient! I thought that the medicine would dissolve the clots right away and that would be the end of it, but that's not how it works. It could be weeks or even months before they're gone, and until then there's always the chance they could rupture.

So Joe is home, and permanently glued to the couch! Fortunately we got cable last week. (although I have yet to watch it!) But he is bored, and grumpy, and still in a lot of pain.

I have been knitting a little here and there. I made 2 red cotton wash clothes with hearts on them (although I forgot to take pics) for my two friends who took such good care of Noey while I was with Joe in the ER. They picked her up from school, kept her all day into evening, feed her, and loved her until my parents could pick her up. I've also been working on the Top Down Bolero and I think it's going to be what I want. I really wanted to work on something that didn't need to be seamed, since I have such a pile of unseamed sweaters waiting for me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Love You, Daddy!

We've had a rough week. (and it's only Tuesday!) I had to take Joe to the Emergency Room Friday night for what turned out to be Pulmonary Emboli, or blood clots in his lungs. He is predisposed to blood clots from an infection 30 years ago. He typically has blood clots and thrombosis in his calf which he can treat on his own. His chest was bothering him, but the doctors thought his bronchitis had turned to pneumonia. His leg was bothering him, but he was focused on the so-called pneumonia. By Friday I had enough and took him to the ER. Thank God I did because he turned out to not have pneumonia at all but 3 clots in his leg and 1 clot in each lung. He spent the weekend in the hospital and we brought him home yesterday afternoon. He's on a blood thinner and a medication to dissolve the clots, but it's a slow process. He's in a lot of pain due to the restricted blood flow in his leg, but I'm just happy to have him home! Please keep him in your prayers.

During my 9 hours in the ER (which is a story for another day!) I knit like a mad woman. I brought my Jawbreaker Cardigan and my Gomasio Cardigan and worked on them both. I actually started and finished the right front of Jawbreaker, but it is now no more. I'm just not feeling it. So now I'm trying a Top Down Bolero with the Araucania Patagonia, we'll see how that goes. I really need something that I can just sit down and knit without much thinking. I can't seem to concentrate on complicated matters right now.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Joe and Noey. I took it during our 2nd Family Vacation in Pismo Beach. Noey was 4 at the time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Week in Review

We had a lovely Easter. We went to the early church service and then to my parents house for brunch. The Easter Bunny leaves Noey's basket and eggs at my parents house through a pre-arranged agreement! The Bunny spoiled Noey as usual! One of the treats I particularly enjoyed was the Charlotte's Web DVD. (smart bunny!)

Noey is wearing a dress that was mine! I don't even want to tell you how old it is....let's just say it's pretty darn OLD! I think my first grade picture was taken in it. I had purchased two really pretty outfits for Noey to wear on Easter, but she chose my dress. How could I refuse her? It's a Polly Flinders dress and I have to say it's held up pretty well these past #% years!

In knitting news: I finished the knitting of the Classic Cardigan and now it has been added to the ever growing pile of items needing to be seamed. Let's see I think there are now 3 sweaters that need to be seamed. Jeesh...I could be wearing them!

I decided to frog the right front of the Jawbreaker Cardigan, and reknit it. In doing so I found that I had made a mistake on the back. I had the wrong side ribbing on the right side. So that will need to be frogged as well. Other than the Pretty Peplum Cardigan, that's all I have on the needles at the moment. I think I need to start something new. My mom got her yarn yesterday, so maybe I'll start her cardi, or who knows? I'm thinking I'll take a tour through the stash tonight!

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My niece, Megan, wore my dress about 15 years ago! She was 5 at the time and living, temporarily, with my parents. (my brother and family lost their home in Hurricane Andrew) She went to Kindergarten at the same school where I went.

I think she looks a lot like Noey, except with darker features.

Lookie! Lookie!

Yesterday we got a slip in our mailbox (even though we were home at the time!) saying we had a package waiting for us at the Post Office. I had no idea what it could be since, surprisingly, I hadn't ordered any yarn! (Noey didn't believe me!)

Today after school we went down to the PO to pick up our mystery package. On the way Noey said maybe it was for her, and guess what? It was! (and me too!)

My friend, Rox, the Fearless Knitter, surprised us with Elvis the Elephant, a cute little Pez dispenser, and some chocolate for Noey, and a beautiful bracelet for me! (there was some other chocolate in there, but.....I don't really know what happened to it!) Noey is in love with Elvis, although poor Elvis had to have a time out already! (apparently he was misbehaving in the car!) He's so cute with brown eyes (like Noey) and a cute little tuft of brown hair. The bracelet is just gorgeous, and just my style.

I am so touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness Rox!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

One More Time

Okay, here's the darn egg again. I don't know why that happens sometimes.

Noey and I had a nice day together. Her gymnastics class started up again today. She's now graduated to the next level. She was the oldest in the previous level, now she's the youngest in this level. Some of the older girls (9 year olds!) tower over her. But she's really good and she loves it so much.

I was able to work on my Classic Cardigan while watching. I need some fairly mindless knitting to do as I have to keep one eye on her. She always checks after each move to make sure I saw her.

After gymnastics we decided to have a picnic (McDonald's) at the park. That gave me even more knitting time. I'm almost done with the left front. I just have the right front and then I'm finished. One more sweater to seam up! Woo Hoo!

I had set the Jawbreaker Cardigan aside because I thought I was doing something wrong. I thought I was working on the left front and somehow the shaping was all wrong. Turns out I was really working on the right front!

I'm thinking about pulling out the Pretty Peplum Cardigan I started last summer. It would be perfect for Mother's Day. I just have 5 or 6 inches left of the sleeves so I think I could get it done in time.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Noey and I spent the last day of our Spring Break having another "Girls Day." We went to see Meet the Robinsons. It was pretty good, although I'm surprised it was rated "G". There were some moderately scary scenes. Fortunately Noey is not afraid of anything and likes the scary scenes. (Noey finally wore her Hoodie Cardi today...she had no choice! It was cold in the theater and that was what I brought! Sneaky, huh?!)

We're now gearing up for Easter weekend. We've got our cookies all decorated, Noey made a little bunny basket for Grandma and Grandpa, and we've both got our Easter dresses ready to go.

I made this Egg Ornament last year. I had forgotten all about it until I pulled out the Easter decorations the other day. I wish I had thought about it sooner, I could've made a couple as gifts.

ETA: Okay, where did my picture go? It was there a minute ago!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just Us Girls

Noey and I have really been missing each other this week (she's just too busy!)

So today was our "Girls Day". We had a little babysitting job this morning for Noey's friend, Benjamin, and after he left we spent the rest of the day hugging and snuggling, and then we made cookies! We made bunnies, chicks, butterflies, and flowers with yummy frosting and sprinkles.

It was a perfect day, and much needed.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What I did over Spring Break

I knit!

Noey and I are on Spring Break this week, but Noey has been so busy she's hardly been home. She's had playdate after playdate after playdate. So while she's been out and about with her friends, I've been home knitting, and cleaning a little, but mostly knitting! I've been working on my Jawbreaker Cardigan. It's a pretty fast knit. I've finished the back and started on the left front. I actually started and restarted the back several times. The size 11 needles make a pretty loosey goosey rib and I wasn't too happy with it. But once the stockinette kicked in, it wasn't so noticeable. What is really noticeable (at least to me) is the color difference between the front and back. So while I'm ruminating on whether I want to restart the front with a different skein, I decided to pick up my 2 UFO's and finish them once and for all!

I worked on the Bell Sleeve V-neck Pullover while Noey was at her friends house today. I finished the neckline ribbing, and would've started the seaming but my big 7 year old called me and told me she was ready to come home! I was kinda happy to pick her up early.....I've been missing her this week! We're going to spend the day together tomorrow (other than a short playdate at our house in the morning) and Friday we're going to see Meet the Robinson's.

I'm feeling much better, by the way. Thanks for your well wishes!

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This was a 2 day project, well the knitting at least. Getting to the store and buying the buttons took a little longer.

I'm not sure if I like it or not, although the more I look at it the more it grows on me. It needs a lining to hold it's shape, but I don't know when I'll get around to hauling out my sewing machine.

Yarn: Classic Elite Paintbox - less than 2 skeins

Started: 03-31-07

Finished: 04-01-07

Clover handles purchased through Webs, buttons purchased at JoAnn's.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Illness in the House

Joe has every kind of "itis" known to mankind: bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, otitis. Don't feel too sorry for him, he was sick for over a month before he finally went to the doctor. Feel sorry for me! First, I had to put up with and take care of a sick man for over a month, and second, he shared his bronchitis with me and Noey! Noey, fortunately, only suffered for a day or two, but I've been down for a week now. I finally feel better and have some energy today.

I haven't done much knitting, but I did get a nice package to make me feel better! The pink Araucania Patagonia is for the Jawbreaker Cardigan, the Berocco Nostalgia is for the Tie Front Cardigan shown, and the Classic Elite Paintbox and handles are for a Purse. (which is almost done, by the way.)

My mom has been asking me to make her a sweater, so yesterday I took over my pattern books and some sample yarns, and she chose a Knitting Pure and Simple top down zippered cardigan, and Cascade 220 yarn in a pretty Eggplant colorway. Webs has Cascade 220 0n sale right now and since I was there I ordered myself some more yarn!

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