Friday, July 16, 2010

What Day Is It?

I've only been off work for a week and I've totally lost track of what day it is. I guess that's a good mode to be in during my time off, but I hope I'm not missing out on any scheduled activities!

I finished up my pink and white tunic this morning while Noey was at her last day of VBS. I'm really happy that I took the time to fix the yoke/collar. It's like having a brand new blouse! I also realized, as I was deconstructing and reconstructing, what a good job I did in the first place.

I took a little break from vacation clothes sewing this afternoon (after Noey's Tap class) to help Noey out with a project.

Noey has made a number of these "not pretty" dolls. (we call them Noey Dolls) This one is for her friend's birthday. We made it out of fleece and used felt for the eye. The mouth and X are sewn with embroidery floss. I love how it turned out!

After some deliberation, I've finally decided what project to work on next.

This fabric and I have been feuding since I bought it, and I think I've finally forgiven it! Last April, Noey and I went on a school camping trip and I was in charge of a cabin of 8 girls. I had to come up with an arts and crafts project for the girls to work on during cabin time. Noey, JD, and I were out and about one evening so I asked if I could just run into Joann's and get some supplies. JD said ok as long as I didn't stop to look at anything else. So as I was running past the fabric, I spotted this gorgeous lavender floral dotted swiss out of the corner of my eye. On my way back to the register I stopped to look at it just for a second. It was so pretty, but JD wouldn't let me stop to have it cut.

The next morning I get Noey up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning so that we can be at Joann's when they open at 9:00am. I race back to the fabric......and it's not there! I look all over the store.....not there. I ask everybody and anybody I can find, no luck!! So I bought this fabric instead. I thinks it's just another colorway of my dream fabric, but it's not the same!

Now that this lovely fabric has been sitting in stash for a little while, it's grown on me. I'm finally ready to deal with it! I'm making New Look 6937. Noey is going to a slumber party starting at 11:00am on Sunday (yikes! that'a a long party) so I'm hoping to have it done by the time I pick her up Monday morning.


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