Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tunic Redux

This is one of my favorite blouses. I made it last year for our vacation to San Diego. It looks so fresh and summery with a white skirt, and of course it's pink, my favorite color. It's a lightweight "linen look" fabric from Joann's.

But there's a little problem.....

I sewed the collar/yoke wrong side out! I didn't even notice until I had washed it a couple of times and the interfacing started pilling!

So my pretty pink blouse was dumped in the hamper and there it sat....until today. I picked up some Kona cotton at Joann's the other day and decided I would try to fix my error. Noey is at VBS this morning so I have the Kona cotton in the dryer and I just removed the old collar/yoke.

No sewing yesterday as I took Noey and a friend to the beach. It was awesome, 85 degrees! Twenty degrees hotter than when we were there 3 days earlier! (and I have the sunburn to prove it!) Even though I didn't have a chance to sew, I thought about sewing all day. I need to figure out what project to work on next. Noey has one more day of VBS and she's going to a sleepover birthday party this weekend so that gives me two solid chunks of time. I just need to figure out what to work on.

I also need to come up with a knitting project or two to take on the trip. I'll have some time in the backseat of the car and at night. I do some of my best knitting while on vacation.


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