Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another Boring Post

Okay, I'm bored with my own blog due to it's lack of pictures. (more on my picture posting problem later, if you're interested)

Noelle turned 7 last Friday. Seven. SEVEN! I can hardly believe it. I'm telling you time just flies!

Joe and I both took the day off - aren't we great parents? - and we brought cupcakes to her school during snack time. That afternoon I picked up Noey, Isabelle, and Sophia and took them to Rite Aid for an ice cream cone. (I had given Noey the choice of Cold Stone - or Stone Cold as Joe likes to call it - or Baskin Robbins, and she chose Rite Aid!) Then as if that wasn't enough sugar for the day, we went to my parents house for the family birthday party and the traditional chocolate bear cake.

We had Noey's official birthday party on Saturday at

Kid Concepts.

It was FABULOUS! Granted, it's very expensive, but they do everything for you. We had a "party hostess" named Mindy (Joe really liked her!) and an "entertainer" named Brian who was great with the kids. Noey's boyfriend, Ethan, came as well as 8 of her closest friends.

I made Noey a cute little shrug/bolero that I like to call the Sholero to wear to her party. (trust me, it's CUTE!) I had seen the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine on the cover of Parade magazine a couple of weeks back wearing this sholero, so I kinda winged it and it turned out great. I ordered a heart clasp from Patternworks and it showed up Friday! Perfect timing.

Other than the Sholero, I made 2 dishclothes for my friend, Shane, and I've been steadily working away on my V-neck Pullover and my Cardigan. Hopefully both will be done soon, and I can start on some Spring and Summer knits


So here's my picture problem. In the past I used Hello/Picasa to post my pictures to my blog. I've never been able to post through Blogger due to speed I think. Anyway, after I switched over to the new Blogger I wasn't able to use Hello/Picasa anymore. I have removed Hello/Picasa from my system, and thought about downloading it again, but haven't had the time.

Does that make sense? Any suggestions?

P.S. A big THANK YOU to Sue for sending Noey a birthday present all the way from Australia! I wish I could show you a picture of the cute little wombat and book she sent.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Well, I'll say it again - pictures or not, your blog is never boring!! Happy happy birthday to Noey - wow, 7??? She's so big!! Unfortunately, I have no clue about the picture problems. Did you try posting through Blogger since switching the New Blogger? It does seem to work much, much better now. I know, I'm sure you already tried that. :(

At 1:11 PM, Blogger shizzknits said...

Wow! 7!!! Happy BDay!

And you should try Flickr for hosting. You can set it up to automatically blog photos if you want....or just host them and you place the links into your post.

At 3:24 PM, Blogger sue said...

Quite a few people do use Flickr for hosting photos so I agree with Shizzknits. I am so glad that Noey liked the wombat and the book. Did you know that the wombat is one of Steve Irwin's toys, and the money which purchased it goes to the Wildlife Warriors to save the wildlife. I did forget to say that in the card I think, so you can now tell Noey that she has helped save some wildlife with her wombat.

At 6:36 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

I had the same issue with my pictures and I got rid of hello and just downloaded picasa. It works much better you can edit save up to 5 in the hold and then just click blog this.

Happy Birthday Noey!!!
If you have a pattern for your winged sholero I would love to make one for kiki. Thanks


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