Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

We just got home from Trick or Treating. We're tired, our feet are sore, and our tummies ache from too much candy!!! But we had a great time!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Updates and a Finished Object....finally!

I've finished Isabelle's bolero/cardi. After much trial and tribulation I finally achieved what I wanted. Noey tried it on for me (after I bribed her) and it looks so cute on her, but she wouldn't let me take a picture. (maybe she'll let me before I mail it off next week)

Now I just need to get started on Sue's present. It won't take me long, I just need to find the time. My mom is going to pick up Noey on Tuesday after school, so I should be able to work on it then. (my parents have been gone for the last two weeks on a car trip to Montana so I have not had my Tuesday alone time!)

I'm furiously knitting along on The Moss Rib Stitch Pullover. (or whatever it's called!) I've finished the back, and I'm almost halfway through the front.
I had wanted to finish it by the time we go to San Diego for Veteran's Day weekend, but I don't think that's going to happen. I keep giving myself deadlines, and then the knitting becomes too stressful, and no fun at all. So, if I finish it in time, that's great, if not, that's okay too.

I've been reading a lot of laments about the Noro yarn; the strange striping effects, the thick/thin strands, and all the "kindling", and I've found it all to be true. You can really see the funky striping on the back section. Even with all the complaints, I'm still happy with the result.

Inspired by Socktoberfest, but too timid to join, I've been secretly knitting a sock!

It's going pretty good, I think...I've turned the heel and I'm on the home stretch.

I'm using Moda Dea Sassy Stripes and a simple rib pattern I found online. I've tried it on a couple of times and it seems to fit. I'm not sure how to finish the toe, I guess a little research is in order. I plan to cast on the second sock as soon as this one is off the needles.

We took our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday with our friends Ava, Hannah,and their mom, Debbie. The girls rode the ponies, feed the sheep and goats, and picked out a pumpkin.
We met Hannah and her mom when the girls were about 6 months old in a Mommy and Me class, and we've gone to the Pumpkin Patch every year with them since then.

After the patch, we all came back to our house for pizza and play time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Surprise Package

I found this package in my mailbox when I got home today from Donni. It was wrapped really cute with the little butterfly on top....but I didn't get a picture of it because I was too excited to open it up!
Aren't the dishclothes beautiful? They're just too pretty to use. I saw the yellow one on Donni's blog and hoped it was for me! and the pink one.....just gorgeous!! The little butterfly pin was for Noey, and we also got a little cookbook, and new yarn!!

I would say the Dish Cloth Shuffle was a huge success!

Knitting Updates

It seems like I really haven't done much knitting lately but I do have some progress to report. I have finished the back of the Moss Stitch Rib Pullover, and I 've cast on for the front.
I've also been working on Isabelle's Super Secret Sweater. I'm almost done with the first sleeve. Haven't decided if I'm going to put a tie or a button.

It seems I've lost most of my prime knitting time. Last year I had to get to Noey's school one hour before she got out to get a parking hour of uninterrupted knitting time. It was great! This year I can pull up 5 minutes before she gets out. Bummer! My other good knitting time was after Noey went to bed. Lately, though, I've been going to bed when she does......that's 2 hours lost!

A big Thank You to everyone who left a comment for Noey! She was tickled to hear all your comments!

Mama got a new toy!

Actually Joe bought it for me about a month ago, and finally put it together yesterday. (after I threatened to call the company and have them come out to put it together for $119.00!!)
An added bonus is that I get to listen to my own music while walking!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm A Proud Mama

Noey won the "Student of the Month" award this morning at the first Pride Assembly of the year. We got a note about it earlier this week but were told not to tell Noey, so it came as a big surprise to her!

My sweet, naive girl! Daddy came with us this morning and I had my digital camera and video camera in hand, and she still didn't suspect a thing!! The look on her face when her name was called was priceless!
This is her teacher, Ms. Okano, whom we all love!

This is Noey's "boyfriend" Ethan. They get all shy and "ooey gooey" (as Joe calls it) when they see each other.

The Happiest Place On Earth

That's where Noey and I went on Monday. She had the day off and I thought it would be fun to go to Disneyland, just us two. So did 5 million other people! It was amazingly crowded. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes from the time we turned onto Disneyland Drive to the time we got in the gate.
But once inside, we had a great time. Noey went on Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion for the first time, and loved them both. We stayed until the park closed at 9:00pm. Noey was 4 years old the last time we were there, and didn't remember much about that trip, so it was like a whole new experience for her.