Monday, August 21, 2006

We had us some fun this weekend!

Well, not all of it was fun. When we got down to our parking garage Saturday morning we found that my car stereo had been stolen. From my locked car. In my security building. For the third time. Fortunately no windows were broken this time, and they only stole the face plate. Thank goodness the Doodle Bops, Princess, and Home on the Range CD's were not taken.....that would've made for one very unhappy little girl.

Moving on, we picked up my mom and headed for the Fabulous Fiber Fest in Santa Monica. We knew from last year that is was not going to be fabulous, but it was even more disappointing than last year!

They didn't have much yarn, but what they did have was mostly eyelash or novelty yarn. Not my thing.

They had no kid friendly booths. Not Noey's thing.

They had mostly Asian style quilting fabrics. Not my mom's thing.

We did meet this guy on the way in. Actually it's a girl named Tinkerbell. She was so cute and just Noey's size!

We ended up staying less than an hour and then had lunch at a Denny's in Santa Monica! Woo Hoo! My parents lived in SM some 40 years ago, my brother was born there, so my mom had fun reminiscing about life before I was born!


At 4:13 AM, Blogger sue said...

What is a potato chip scarf. I have never heard of one, you will have to post a picture. How disappointing about the Festival. It isnt great when that happens is it. I found some nice pink fabric in the stash that I have which I think you will like, none of the ones at the stores really grabbed me, so I need to decide between the two. Isabelle likes both, so we shall see which one.


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