Thursday, August 21, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Wow! When you line them all up like that it's rather impressive, isn't it?

Since June I have sewn 2 skirts, and 10, count 'em, 10 blouses! Sometimes I feel like I'm just trudging along, not accomplishing much, but then when I actually count.....

We took a 12 day road trip to Wyoming in mid-July, and sometime in mid-June I decided I wanted to make all new blouses for the trip! In a month's time I made 8. Two others and the skirts were sewn when I got home. (I don't sew pants yet - that's next summer)

The two skirts are my new TNT (tried 'n true) pattern; Simplicity 3827. It's a fairly easy 6 gore skirt with an elastic waist. I have 2 more in the queue.

Six, yes six, of the blouses are from another TNT pattern; Simplicity 2854. The nice thing about this pattern is there are so many variations, each top looked unique. I made one with long sleeves, one with short sleeves, one with elastic in the sleeves, one with tucks, one with a ruffle at the bottom of the bodice, one from two different fabrics, I lowered the neckline on a couple. My button holer doesn't seem to work (not sure if it's my machine or the operator) so my mom graciously made all the buttonholes for me. She didn't seem to mind the first few, but after the sixth one she gently suggested I try a different pattern!

I used New Look 6810 to make the next two. I used a dotted swiss cotton for the first one and a poly blend for the second, and the second one only fits occasionally! (when I haven't eaten too much that day!!)

Last, and certainly least, I made two blouses using McCall's 5050. Really cute....on the hanger. On me, looks like I'm 9 months pregnant! Not a flattering style for me, so why I made two of them is a mystery.

A quick update on the rest of the family: Joe is doing pretty good. He has a few bad days a month (don't we all?) with his leg, but he's doing much better overall. He has lost 30 pounds and is now fanatical about exercise, and that's the best thing for his condition. (I, on the other hand, seem to have found his 30 pounds and haven't exercised in....months!) Noey is 8 now (yikes!) and going to start 3rd Grade in less than 2 weeks. She has really enjoyed her summer, but is looking forward to getting back to school. She still takes gymnastics once a week and swimming lessons, and this year she and I joined the Brownies!! (and guess what? I'm the leader!)

Aaaahhhh! It's so good to be back! More about our fabulous trip another time, which will include an updated picture of Noey, and the story of how Diet Coke saved our lives!


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Wow, you have been busy!!!! (Not that I thought you had sat around doing nothing - LOL) Your new wardrobe is fabulous!!


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