Saturday, May 14, 2005

Well....YESTERDAY was a good day!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch with our best friends Hannah, Ava, and mom Debbie. I can handle Chuck E. on a nice quiet Friday screaming, out of control kids......and you can actually see your own kid from your table. Then we went to Open House at Noey's preschool. Grandma and Grandpa (aka my parents) and DH went too. (see below) I felt kinda sad that this is the end of Noey's preschool career (but I didn't cry!) We love Miss Darlene! (see below again!) She is also in charge of the nursery at our church so she has known Noey since she was 6 months old.....she and Noey have a special bond with each other. Miss Darlene will be receiving the Midwest Moonlight scarf! While at the Open House we ran into our good friend Sheri and I gave her the Crystal Palace shawl. She is so glamorous and her favorite color is pink so it is perfect for her. I was sorry to see it go but after I saw how much she loved it, I felt good. She is such a sweet person and such a good friend that it was worth it! After that I was able to work a little bit on Misty Garden....the pattern is soooo pretty.....but it went downhill from there. Noey was up numerous times in the night and has been throwing up this morning. Poor baby....she has my stomach flu! Today was the day DH was taking me shopping as my belated Mother's Day present....oh well!


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